About The AIC New Music Journal


The AIC New Music Journal is a multimedia, online journal of new Irish music, aiming to raise awareness of Irish composers' work, and to broaden the discussion and analysis of new trends in contemporary Irish music.

This is an important time for contemporary music in Ireland, with an unprecedented number of new orchestral works and operas being produced in the country, not to mention countless chamber works and CD releases, and even new ensembles and concert series. With such a wealth of artistic activity, there is little opportunity for the public, and even the artistic community (especially those looking in to Ireland from the outside), to digest what is happening. This journal is written by artists and musicologists with the contemporary classical music community in mind, both nationally and internationally, to facilitate a better understanding and a deeper engagement with new developments in contemporary Irish music.

We aim to showcase new Irish music to the world, and, in the process, to gradually accumulate a significant archive of what was happening in Irish music in the early 21st century.

Peter Moran
Editor, AIC New Music Journal

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I would like to welcome all our readers to this new online publication, the AIC New Music Journal.

In November 1988, the Association of Irish Composers (AIC) published its only journal, The Irish Composer, with its subtitle Essays on Contemporary Music. I was personally involved in the setting up of the journal, which featured essays on subjects relevant to both Irish and international contemporary music. Since that time, a great deal has changed in our society, arts institutions and the musical landscape, with regard to funding and new technologies.

In Ireland we have witnessed the demise of several important print newspapers and arts magazines, accompanied by a reduction in the number of journalists and commentators covering the new music scene. This has led to a lack of exposure and lively debate in relation to new art music. I hope that this new publication will stimulate discussion and add to our knowledge of Irish and international contemporary music.

I congratulate all the contributors for their hard work and interesting articles. Finally, I would like to thank Peter Moran and the publication committee of the AIC for bringing this new journal into the light of day. I wish the AIC New Music Journal every success in the future.

Michael Holohan
Chairman, Association of Irish Composers